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  • Library User Education Class

    Date : Every Wednesday & Thursday
    Time : 12.00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Venue : Computer Lab 1, UMP Pekan

    To register,
    Fill in Online form /Tel: 09-4245636
  • National Conference On Academic Library (NCOAL 2015)

    Date : 17 - 18 Mac 2015
    Venue : MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan
    Organized by UMP Library

    Conference pamphlet CLICK HERE .

    For more detail on the conference, please visit our NCOAL Portal

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  • APA
  • welcoming
  • LIB

News / Announcement

  • Web on Science Subscription
    Please be informed that Web of Science can officially be accessed by library user. The subscription includes;
    Science Citation Index Expanded 2000-present
    Social Sciences Citation Index 2000-present  Read more

    Journal & Majalah Terkini (Perpustakaan Pekan)new
    Terdapat jurnal dan majalah yang baru diterima dipamerkan dibahagian rak jurnal dan majalah aras 2 Perpustakaan Pekan.  Senarai majalah & jurnal seperti berikut;
    Read more ...

  • Journal Langanan Online
    Untuk makluman semua, Jabatan Perpustakaan melanggan bahan seperti berikut;new
    1.    Circuit Cellar Issue August  2014   (KLIK DI SINI)
    (Username & password dalam laman web EZ-proxy) Read More

    Journal & Majalah Terkini - Perpustakaan Gambang
    Berikut ialah jurnal dan majalah terkini yang dipamerkan dibahagian rak aras 1 Perpustakaan Gambang
    1. ACI Structural Journal : vol 111 no. 3 May – June 2014
    2. ACI Materials Journal : vol 111 no. 3 May – June 2014 Read more...
  • Submission of Article to UMP-IR
    The submission of article to UMPIR is to assist in the data statistic/records for rangking purpose of Universiti Malaysia Pahang and to cultivate knowledge sharing  through Open Access. MyRA, MyMOHES and WEBOMETRIC are bodies that is responsible in universities’s ranking. Read more

    New E-book from IG Publishing
    Fulltext access to over 50,000 titles from IG Publishing E-book. This e-book contais selection of IG Publishing's front and back list titles from various subjects raging from Humanities & Social Science, Medical and Health Science, Business & Management, Computing, Engineering, Law to Univesity Presses. Access via Ezproxy and University range. Read more ....


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