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  • JOMMM APA TUNGGU LAGI.. Mini Karnival ‘Gaya Hidup Sihat’new

    Pekerja Sihat, Persekitaran Selamat, Produktiviti Meningkat.

    Tarikh   : 10 Jun 2015
    Masa     : 9.30pagi – 12.30 tengahari
    Tempat   : Auditorium, Perpustakaan UMP, Pekan

  • Jom datang beramai-ramai ke Perpustakaan UMP....Meriahkan lagi ' PRELOVED DAY, GIVE & SALE ' !!!

    Kepada semua warga UMP, dijemput hadir ke Perpustakaan seperti waktu yang telah ditetapkan bagi memeriahkan lagi 'PRELOVED DAY, GIVE & SALE ' !!!
  • Library User Education Class

    Date : Every Wednesday & Thursday
    Time : 12.00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Venue : Computer Lab 1, UMP Pekan

    To register, Fill in Online form /Tel: 09-4245651

News / Announcement

  • Congratulations to Web of Science Discovery Quiz Winner new

    We would like to congratulate the winners for Web of Science Discovery Quiz 2014/2015 as below:

    1st Prize - Fadzida Ismail,
                    University Malaysia Pahang

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  • New services :- DIGITAL STATION: E- MAGAZINE

    Read more than 30 international magazine such as National Geographic, Elle, Time, Readers Digest, PC magazine, Forbes and etc online at your library. It fast, up to date, and stylish. A new approach in fulfilling your need.

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  • New services :- E-KAMUS

    Library has subscribed E-Kamus software to support the usage and your language proficiency. The component contains in E-Kamus software are:

    i)   E-kamus: contains more than 20 type of dictionary

    ii)   E-semak ejaan: spelling check

  • Submission of Article to UMP-IR

    The submission of article to UMPIR is to assist in the data statistic/records for rangking purpose of Universiti Malaysia Pahang and to cultivate knowledge sharing  through Open Access. MyRA, MyMOHES and WEBOMETRIC are bodies that is responsible in universities’s ranking.

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