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Digital Library Division

The Library Digital Division provides an alternative to the traditional services by focusing on virtual services.

The objectives of the Digital Library are:

  • Collect, manage and maintain documents issued by UMP in various forms and electronic format
  • Develop latest collection that would meet the information needs of library users
  • Planning digital repository needs of the UMP
  • Improving the accessibility of the latest source of information to meet the needs of library users
  • Provides content of the information literacy program or hands on training to promote library materials digitally

The division leads by a Deputy Chief Librarian and comprises of 4 units that are Knowledge Management Unit, Digital Unit, Automation Unit and Data Unit. The units datails as follow;

A) Knowledge Management Unit


Knowledge Management is a process of capturing, developing, sharing and effectively using organizational knowledge. Knowledge Management Units practice it by making the best use of knowledge. Knowledge management programs can yield impressive benefits to individuals and organisations if it is done purposeful, concrete, and action-oriented.

  • Ensure the information skill and the application of knowledge management is practice among the UMP community
  • Creating knowledge sharing culture in achieving K-Organization.


  • Managing the Knowledge Management development program for the support of learning , teaching , research and consultancy in library services.
  • Managing the development of research data in the UMP - IR and all related activities and ensuring records can be utilized by the user.


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B) Digital Unit


Digital Unit is a unit that performs the digitization process for the development of the online digital collection.


To develop and digitized selected library’s collections in accordance with the standards specified in the library’s repository for the university community with the latest information technology.

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C. Automation Unit 


Automation Unit is responsible in planning, designing, implementing and maintaining the library's computer system including databases, computer use by staff as well as students and the entire terminal in Library Gambang & Pekan. We plan and coordinate activities involving the use of  latest information technology in Library.

Our objective is to improve information access together with the development and advancement of technology.


  • To ensure the use of the Library System always give the best service for Library users
  • To ensure library have the latest applications and hardware that meets the current needs
  • To ensure Library staff knowledgeable in using applications of the library.
  • To support Library in achieving its objectives, mission and vision of the UMP. 

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D. Data Unit


Data Unit has been established in February 2017 as part of Digital Division. This unit is responsible in providing high impact publication data to measure the output of university research activities. This unit is also responsible to verify the validity and accuracy of the high impact publication data for KPT rating purposes (MyRA and MyMOHES) as well as stakeholders.


To provide and verify an accurate and reliable high impact publication data

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