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Resource Service Division

The resource service division is mainly focusing on providing services and facilities such as as reference service, circulation service etc. It is also responsible for promoting the services and facilities to users. The division leads by a Deputy Chief Librarian and comprises of 4 units that are Circulation Unit, Reference Unit, Media Unit and Arkib Universiti Unit.

The units are as follow;

A. Circulation Unit


Circulation Unit as the main platform in providing and delivering information and services to users. Focus on counter service and to ensure materials and space for the user can be used when needed.


The objective of Circulation Unit is to give an excellent  circulation service to all library users. The Unit is responsible of the following functions :

  • Borrowing and returning library materials
  • Ensuring library materials are shelved efficiently and accurately
  • Processing hold item including inform the users about the reservation.
  • Managing cases regarding lost and damaged items.
  • Managing item borrowed through inter circulation service
  • Managing the use of discussion rooms and 24 hour room.
  • Carry out annual stocktaking and finalizing missing items.
  • Register public membership and issues membership card.
  • Assisting user with general questions about library use, policy and services.

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B. Reference Unit


Reference unit focuses its role in providing reference and consultancy services on library collection, services and facilities to users. These services are free of charge but subject to term and condition.


To offer an efficient reference service to users in supporting the teaching, learning and research activities in university.

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C. Media Unit


Media Unit was established to diversify the information referral services to students and staff, especially the UMP. In addition, to support the learning process, this unit also provides the option to access information in a variety of electronic formats current and former, whether in the form of CD, VCD, DVD, VHS, cassette tapes, diskettes, photos and so on.

Each material in the Media Units were processed by following standards and international standards to ensure uniform catalog descriptions produced. Some of the policies and regulations adopted by the Anglo American Cataloguing Rules (AACR), the Library of Congress Classification Schedules (LCCS) and the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

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