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Welcome to Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) Library’s Portal.  

UMP has two campus libraries located in Gambang,  Kuantan and Kuala Pahang, Pekan. UMP library is an icon that supports teaching and learning also research activities in UMP. More ...

En. Dzull Zabarrod Ahmad
Chief Librarian (Acting)

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Library News & Announcement

  • Free Trial Access To Nanomedicine Journal (8 March 2019 - 31 December 2019)

    Dear users,
    We are pleased to announce that Nanomedicine Journal trial is now active starting 8th March 2019 until 31st December 2019.
    Access link = CLICK HERE
    All user are welcomed to try and let us know the feedback.
    Thank you.
  • Publons via Web of Science (Researcher Tool)

    Dear Academician and Researcher,

    Please be informed that UMP library has subscribed to Web of Science. The component tool at Web of science that you can use to optimize your research and publication strategy are Incites, Journal Citation Report, EndNote, Researcher ID, Kopernio and Publons.

    Read More
  • Free Trial Access To ProQuest Ebook Central
    Dear users,
    We are pleased to announce that ProQuest Ebook Central trial is now active starting 4th March 2019.
    Access link = CLICK HERE
    The range of subjects available:
    • Arts
    • Business/Management
    • Education
    • General  READ MORE
  • ORCID , Researcher ID, Scopus ID - Update Profail (18 March 2019)
    Yg. Berbhg. Dato, Prof., Assoc. Prof., Dr., Tuan, Puan.

    Salam sejahtera

    As part of library awareness service, we would like to encourage Lecturer (academician cum researcher) at faculty to update your research profail @ ORCID as an author identifier. (ORCID is a unique digital identifier that link researcher and research. It free of charge and protect data privacy.) READ MORE
  • UMP Online survey Tool@LimeSurvey (18 March 2019)

    Salam sejahtera Researcher and Lecturer,
    Please be informed about UMP online survey platform @ Lime survey (using open source software template) as a formal alternative research tool to use in collecting data to accommodate your research purpose.

    Reason to use:
    · It use formal ump domain to ensure the validity and trust about the source. READ MORE..
  • Kopernio via Web Of Science (18 March 2019)

    Dear Library User,
    Please be informed that in order to assist you to search for relevant resources especially to get full text pdf, UMP Library is highly encouraged Library User to use Kopernio via Web of Science.
    More information, Click Kopernio
    Thank you.

Information Skills Class

class education small

  • Library Online Database Training: Web of Science & Incites
    Date : 27 February 2019
    Time: 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm
    Venue: Computer Lab, UMP Gambang Library
    Target Audience: UMP Researchers (Academician and Postgraduate student)
  • Library User Education Class
    Every Wednesday & Thursday
    12.00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Computer Lab 1, UMP Pekan
    To register, Fill in Online form /Tel: 09-4245651

Library Information For


Sistem Indeks Perpustakaan (SIP)

SIP boleh di akses via

Tujuan indek perpustakaan adalah hendak memudahkan pencarian maklumat secara pantas menerusi indek terhadap bahan-bahan bercetak yang terdapat di perpustakaan. Ianya tiada kena mengena dengan bahan-bahan digital (�fulltext�) atau pangkalan data secara talian.

Indek perpustakaan UMP , merupakan sebuah pangkalan data yang menyenaraikan perkataan-perkataan yang terpilih yang mewakili tajuk-tajuk yang terdapat di dalam mukasurat kandungan setiap bahan perpustakaan. Indek perpustakaan ini boleh dimanafaatkan oleh para pelajar, pensyarah, penyelidik dan sesiapa sahaja yang ingin membuat rujukan bahan di Perpustakaan UMP.

Pengindeksan Perpustakaan mengambil kira konsep pengindeksan Ensiklopedia Britanica seperti terdapat dijilid akhir Ensiklopedia Britanica, manakala indek perpustakaan menguna kemudahan Teknologi maklumat apabila membuat pencarian.. Adalah di harapkan dengan kemudahan ini , pihak perpustakaan UMP dapat membantu pengguna melakukan pencarian maklumat dengan lebih mesra dan cepat di perpustakaan. (DZA 2013, 29 April)

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