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User Service Management Division

The User Service Management Division mainly focuses on providing services and facilities such as reference service, circulation and media service. It is also responsible for promoting the services and facilities to users. The division is lead by a Senior Deputy Chief Librarian and comprises of 4 units namely the Education & Research Section, Customer Service Section, Archive Section and Marketing Section.

The units are as follow;

A. Customer Service Section


In the UMP Library, the Customer Service Section is recognized as  the main platform in providing and delivering information as well as services to users. Our Services focuses on counter service - ensuring that the materials and facilities provided are readily available. As for the Media services, we support the learning process, provide the option to access information in a variety of electronic formats with the current and latest  media entertaiment and facilities offered to all users.


The objective of Customer Service Section is to give excellent circulation and media services to all library users.

The Customer Service Section is responsible in providing and handling of all library materials for users including reservation and usage of all facilities as well as providing assistance to users on inquiries and our Special In-Library* Services (Library in-house event). For our In-Library services, users may apply through the library portal or request for booking from the Service Counter (Pekan) and Media Counter (Gambang). Terms and Conditions apply.

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B. Education & Research Section


Education & Research Section focuses its role in providing reference and consultancy services on library collection, services and facilities to users. These services are free of charge but is subject to terms and conditions.


To offer an efficient reference service to users in supporting the teaching, learning and research activities in the university.

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