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Admission, Guide & Regulations

UMP is strategically located near the East Coast Highway, chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing, automotive industrial zone as well as biotechnology in the state of Pahang. It is situated in the district of Gambang, 30km from Kuantan, the capital city of Pahang, an estimated of 350km away from KLIA, and consequently 10km from the Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport, Kuantan.

You are allowed to renew your books without going to the Library by renew it ONLINE. Just go to the and login (by enter your username <student ID> and password <by default (if you don’t change it) is 1234>).

account login

Follow the following STEP and your renewal is complete, as simple as that.

1. Click My Account link

My account

2. On the Check-Out Items , click on Select for Renewal of records you need to renew

3. Then clik RENEW


Online renewal is allowed 2 times, and the renewal will not be permitted if:

  • The book has passed the due date.
  • You have other books that is overdue.
  • Books have been request by other users.
  • You have a fine record.
  • Renew has exceeds the limit allowed, which of two times.

Any enquiries feel free to contact US!


OR for video tutorial..please click HERE

User can request an on loan item anytime through I-Portal. Be sure the status of the item in I-Portal is ‘check out’. The availability of your request item will be inform to you via email that you registered to us. 0px 0px no-repeat rgb(235, 245, 250);">
The items request will be kept on the shelve at (Circulation or Media Counter) for (7) day from the date of receipt of items borrowed by other users. Items will be returned to the open shelve after (7) days.

How to do it, just follow the STEP;

  • Go to the and login
  • Search the item needed
  • Check the status of the item ‘check out’
  • To request click button Request
  • Click submit

The request will be process, if;

  • The amount of loan have not reach the limit
  • You do not have outstanding fines for late return of items
  • Your record was block for certain offences

Any question, feels free to comment@ask>

To Summarize;
  • Users can make reservation at any time via iportal (
  • Reservation can be doneon loan materialsonly.
  • Status of reserved materials will be notified throughusers’ emailand account report in iportal.
  • Reserved materials will be placed at the Reserved Shelf (Circulation Counter or Media Counter) for seven (7) days and will be shelved after that period. Once shelved, users need to make new reservation.
  • The total of materials allowed to be reserved depends on the number of outstanding loan materials.
  • Reservation period for booking materials is seven (7) days from the date the materials borrowed by other users are received.
 For video tutorial Click Here

Loan Eligibility is total amount of item that users eligible to borrowed and and it varies according to the type of user of the library.







 Non Academic

 PHD / Master

 Diploma /Degree


Open shelf

30 days

14 days

30 days

14 days

21 days



Newspaper cutting

Technical drawing, map, plan


Internal use only

Internal use only

Internal use only

Internal use only

Internal use only



Green spot / Blue spot


14 days

30 days

14 days

21 days

Red spot

3 hours

2 hours

2 hours

2 hours

Accompanying material

3 days

3 days

3 days

3 days

Salam and good days

Do you know what is Ez-proxy? Well lets us tell you about it

Ez-Proxy is a system that acts as an intermediary between UMP Library users and the Online Database subscribe by UMP. It only allows authorized users to access electronic resources available through I-portal from home or on the road. By using Ez-proxy, it allows staff and students to log in to databases remotely using their username and password.Once you have logged in Ez-Proxy, you will be able to access all databases without needed to enter any password.

How to use it?

Simple, just login by entering yourusername<either your staff id/student id> andpassword<your IC for local user / your passport number for international user>, for example;

Username: AE10223

Password : 901234113456

Currently, we have 14 (Online database), 10 (online journal), 5 (E-book), e-newspaper and E-article. The details for all databases will be explained later in next post.

Want to learn how to use and search all the databases? We are strongly recommended to you to register in our user education class where we will teach you all about it.

Thank you.

If you want to know more...just click HERE


If you want to find an open shelf books, just read the book call no. at the shelf. How to read it? Just follow the sample below;  

Hope this will help you…

Video Tutorial

Tips for New Student


Address and Contact

Library Universiti Malaysia Pahang
26600 Pekan
Pahang Darul Makmur.

Tel: +609 549 3131 (G) / +609 424 5600 (P)
Fax: +609 549 3132 (G) / +609 424 5666 (P)
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