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Workshop on Work Process by Planning and Development Division 14 Jan 2016

Date: January 14, 2016
Place: Seminar room 2
Activity: Workshop on Work Process by Planning and Development Division

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On 14th January 2016, Workshop on Work Process was held by Planning and Development Division, involving five units comprising Acquisition Unit, Cataloging Unit, Serial Unit, Digital Unit and Knowledge Management Unit. Each unit is required to present on what is being planned for 2016, any process restructuring and new innovations that can be applied to improve work processes in each unit respectively.

The workshop was also attended by 3 panels composed of Ms. Hajjah Kamariah Gono (Deputy Chief Librarian) as head of Planning and Development Division; as well as 2 invited panels, Mrs. Siti Aishah Ghani (Senior Librarian) and Ms. Amelia Hasan (Senior Librarian).

Each speaker was given 45 minutes, was represented by the head of the unit - each to present the contents of the slide that has been prepared. The rationale of the workshop was to strengthen the processes involved in the planning and development, improving existing work processes at the same time speed up the processing of each library materials either in printed or digital form.

With some knowledge sharing sessions and exchanges of views and opinions, the workshop provides a lot of benefits to library staff and hopefully any workshop like this will be held again in the future.

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Written by Miss Noor Asma Mohd Akhir


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