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School Resource Center Prefect Motivation Talk, SMK Ubai

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This talk has been held on 19 February 2016 (Friday) at School Resources Center, SMK Ubai which involves participate by 30 prefect and 3 teachers consist of En. Roslan Abdul Manap as GPK HEP, School Resource Center and Media teacher Pn. Nor Hasnida Zainal Abidin, also counseling teacher En. Mohd Fadily Jusoh.



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This talk conducted by UMP librarian which is En.Dzull Zabarrod Ahmad (Deputy Chief Library), En. Ahmad Nurudin Abd Nasir and En. Muhammed Fawwaz Abdul Rasid.

SMK Ubai4

The purpose of this program is to give motivation to Resource Center prefect to increase their interest and responsibility in managing the School Resource Center. Hopefully this motivation talk can be benefited by all prefects to focus on their work that is more manageable and excellent.

Written by En. Muhammed Fawwaz


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