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Knowledge Sharing – Document service Management and Public Servants Personal Document


On 14th October 2016, a sharing knowledge and experience session was held with Puan Nazatul Shima Baroji, a Senior Librarian here in the UMP Pekan Library. The Session was held at the Auditorium, UMP Library at 10.30am.



The sharing was on the topic of "Document service Management and Public Servants Personal Document". An insight was given by Pn Shima on the importance of managing personal documents, staffing and inventory services for retirement. In addition, she also describe that a retirees should know their roles, responsibility and all important aspect and procedures to be followed.

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After the Knowledge Sharing the library held a Farewell Party on her retirement. We celebrate the 11 years of services given by Puan Shima to the Library. A special dedication montage was share reflecting on the long services given. The Chief Librarian, Tuan Hj. Ruslan Che Pee gave a farewell speech and followed with lots of personal advice and encouragement by Puan Shima to all the staff present The library present a gift as a token of appreciation for Puan Shima followed with a photo session was taken with all the library staff in the Auditorium.

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Sudah biasa kita dengari

Patah tumbuh hilang berganti

Namun tak sama kawan yang ini

Tak mungkin ada galang ganti


Tuai padi antara nampak

Esok jangan layu-layuan

Intai kami antara nampak

Esok jangan rindu-rinduan


" ALL The Best Pn. Nazatul Shima Baroji "

UMPLib ( 1 Okt 2005 - 22 Okt 2016 )


Written by : KM Teams


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