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Art Therapy – Generating Intelligence (Terapi Seni-Menjana Kecerdasan Minda)

It was a light and relaxing session with Pn. Paridah Mohd  Ali. On 24th of May, 2017, a Knowledge Sharing session organized by the Knowledge Management Unit at Bilik Seminar, Perpustakaan UMP Pekan.  The half day session which started at 9.30 am was attended by the Library staff and received strong positive feedback from most of its participant.

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Art Therapy is a form of communicating with your innerself and expressing it in a more safer and controlled environment. As explain by Pn. Paridah, there is no right or wrong way in doing the excercise. Using crayons and colored pencils the participants have the freedom to express themselves and their emotions to the fullest. Participants may also practice this therapy with their children at home. With a hands-on approach participants may be able to understand their children more and used it in communicating among family members.

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Pn. Paridah Mohd Ali a registered Senior Psychology Officer from Department of Student Affairs & Alumni has more then 10 years of experience in Psychology as a Counseler and Lecturer. With a teaching experience from IIUM, Kolej Shahputra and now UMP, Pn. Paridah actively gives talk and seminars on counseling , parenting seminars and motivational talk for tennagers all over Pahang.

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At the end of the session most of the participants commented that they feels like they are more energetic, happy with more understanding on how to express themself correctly. About 30 participant involved in the three (3) main session which is Body Image, Colour my Heart and My Blob Tree. The session ended at 1.05 pm with Cik Kamariah Gono, The Deputy Chief Librarian (Digital Division) presented a token of appreciation to Pn. Paridah.

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FULL ARTICLE : UMPLib:Art Therapy – Generating Intelligence

Written by: Cik Ratna Wilis Haryati Mustapa


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