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February 01 2018, the UMP library has organized a Public Sustainable Ecosystem Planning Workshop (EKSA) at UMP Pekan Library Seminar Room. 24 members of the Library EKSA Committee involves are staff of UMP Pekan Library and Gambang for the 2018-2019 session.

UMPLib eksa006edit

The objective of this workshop is to plan activities and facilitate it according to the Gantt charts prepared for each Library EKSA Committee. Hence, it is hoped that the Library EKSA Committee appointed over the 2-year period is fully committed to implement the EKSA program smoothly and successfully. Knowledge sharing during this workshop will also help the new appointed EKSA committees 2018/2019 to fully understand EKSA concept. The Library EKSA Committee is chaired by 2 coordinators namely Encik Iswan Akim (Pekan) and Mrs. Nor Ashikin (Gambang) and it involves 32 library staff.

The facilitator, Puan Siti Aishah, who is also the Chairman for the UMP’s EKSA Audit Committee, hopes that the newly appointed committee shall meet the implementation objective of EKSA in UMP. Hopefully, all the planned activities are implemented and all committee members are able to understand, work together and strengthen EKSA in the Library and UMP as whole.

                       UMPLib EKSA LIB002     UMPLib eksa017

Briefing Session on Ekosistem Kondusif Sektor Awam (EKSA) planning to the Library EKSA committee

    UMPLib eksa007   UMPLib eksa010  UMPLib eksa027

Discussion on activities and projects to be implemented by Member of the EKSA Library


Artikel penuh: Ekosistem Kondusif Sektor Awam (Eksa) Planning Workshop UMP Library

Written by: Miss Ratna Wilis Haryati Mustapa, Senior Librarian Assistant


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