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Media Unit was established to diversify the information referral services to students and staff, especially the UMP. In addition, to support the learning process, this unit also provides the option to access information in a variety of electronic formats current and former, whether in the form of CD, VCD, DVD, VHS, cassette tapes, diskettes, photos and so on.

Each material in the Media Units were processed by following standards and international standards to ensure uniform catalog descriptions produced. Some of the policies and regulations adopted by the Anglo American Cataloguing Rules (AACR), the Library of Congress Classification Schedules (LCCS) and the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

Operation hour

Media unit operating hours:



Monday – Thursday

8.30 a.m – 1.00 p.m
2.00 p.m -  4.30 p.m


8.30 a.m – 12.00 p.m
2.45 p.m – 4.30 p.m

Saturday - Sunday


Media Service

Services offered by the Media Unit are as follows:

  • Electronic reference service of media.
  • Services internal borrowing and returning materials to the media.
  • Reservation services run \ auditorium \ AV room.
  • Photo and video recording services. * (Event in the library only)
  • Reservation service audio visual equipment. ** (Event in the library only)
  • For booking service users need to complete a form printed from the Files of the Bank, the library portal or get it at the Service Counter Media.

Media Collection

Collection of media material on this unit consists of in variety of formats and subjects. Media Unit will always increase and diversify its scientific collections from time to time.

1.Material type

 Jenis Bahan Media

- CD Audio
- DVD (Audio, Video, Data)
- Pita Video
- Cassette
- Mini DV
- Kit
- Image

2.Subject area

 Subject Area

- Scientific Materials.
- Light Entertainment
- Software.
- Directory
- UMP Special Collection

Facilities in Media Unit

1. Audio Visual Room

This room suited for need of learning through audio and visual media. The room can accommodate 60 users. It is also equipped with an Astro and TV channels. The room also equipped with televisions, DVD players, speaker systems and LCD projectors. Available in Pekan & Gambang library.

2. Self-Access Equipment.

For students who require a viewing / listening with more privacy, this equipment is the right choice. It consists of 5 units’ television and DVD player separately. Each unit is placed in separate carrels to provide a more optimal comfort. Each user is also provided with headphones so it will not to interfere with other users and be able to provide a level of maximum audio clarity. Available in Gambang library only.

3. Auditorium

This space can accommodate a total of 200 seats. It is equipped with a variety of the latest equipment to support the learning process. Equipment such as speaker system , LCD projectors , electronic whiteboards and so on . This space can be used for formal events are varying, talks and also video screenings. Available in Pekan & Gambang library.

 4. TV lounge

Media Unit also provides a relaxing space for students and staff to relax while watching the television. There are several space where space devoted to viewing Astro channel and prime channel. Available in Pekan & Gambang library.

5. Screening rooms

Media Unit also provides a more interactive space for students and staff to relax and watch. Two screening rooms were available on the second floor which features a surround sound system and soundproof walls. It promises to be more fun and new experience for the user. Available in Pekan & Gambang library.

Contact Us

Any Question, please call:

Unit Media
En. Iswan Akim Ismail
09-424 5607
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En. Nik Ahmad Nasyrun Nik Abd Malik
Library Assistant
Tel : 09-424 5630
Email :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

En. Shamsor Masra Othman
Library Assistant
Tel : 09-549 8021
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Kaunter perkhidmatan Media

Tel: 09 - 549 8021 (Gambang)
Tel: 09 - 424 5630/5652 (Pekan).


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