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Knowledge Management Unit

Knowledge Management is a process of capturing, developing, sharing and effectively using organizational knowledge. Knowledge Management Units make the best use of knowledge. Knowledge management programs can yield impressive benefits to individuals and organisations if it is done purposefully, concrete, and action-oriented.

  • Ensure the information skills and the application of knowledge management are practiced among the UMP community

  • Creating knowledge sharing culture in achieving K-Organization


  • Managing the Knowledge Management development program for the support of learning , teaching , research and consultancy in library services.

  • Managing the development of research data in the UMP - IR and all related activities and ensuring records can be utilized by the user.


1. To plan and carry out the projects / programs annually.
2. To identify the content or information that needs to be digitized (knowledge transfer)
3. To identify experts/presenters in specific areas , particularly for the purpose of sharing with libary staff and UMP staff in genaral( knowledge sharing)
4. Organize workshops on Knowledge Management Awareness - IR (IR Awareness)
5. To coordinate the dissemination and promotion of program / KM tools for knowledge sharing
6. To identify , classify , deposits , monitor, maintain and update records / publications and UMP intlectual in UMP-IR
7. To identify , classify , deposit , monitor , maintain and update records / materials, sharing of knowledge in the K– Bank
8. To identify , monitor , maintain and update records / documents UMP Library organization in particular and PTJ’s in general for files- Bank. 

KM Tools and programme

Knowledge Management Tools and Knowledge Management Programs are the two main areas that is managed by KM Unit. Knowledge Manangement tools involve a system in assisting its process such as K-Bank, Files Bank, E-Learning, K-Portal, E-Library (cataloguing, circulation and acquisition)

Knowledge Management Programs focuses on methods in acquiring tacit knowledge among its community such as  Interviews, storytelling, forums, eforums, brainstorming, debriefing, discussions, seminars and conferences. For exposure to new associates, the Knowledge Management Units also hold workshops upon requests.

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Cik Ratna Wilis Haryati Binti Mustafa
Senior Librarian Assistant
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