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Access to IGI Global e-books. There are 54 titles has been purchased by UMP Library. We provides both on-campus and off-campus access to the IGI Global e-books. If you are off-campus users, please use via Ezproxy link to access the e-book.

List of UMP Schaum Series ;

 1 9781466684874 Competitive Strategies For Academic Entrepreneurship: Commercialization Of Research-Based Products Direct link | Via Ezproxy
 2 9781466682283  Optimization of Supply Chain Management in Contemporary Organizations  Direct link | Via EzProxy
 3 9781466674738 Modern Techniques for Successful IT Project Management  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
 4 9781466685109 Achieving Enterprise Agility through Innovative Software Development  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
 5 9781466681477  Artificial Intelligence Technologies and the Evolution of Web 3.0  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
 6 9781466672789 Handbook of Research on Synthesizing Human Emotion in Intelligent Systems and Robotics Direct link | Via Ezproxy
 7 9781466672840  Recent Advances in Ambient Intelligence and Context-Aware Computing Direct link | Via Ezproxy
8 9781466673045  Innovative Teaching Strategies and New Learning Paradigms in Computer Programming Direct link | Via Ezproxy
9 9781466666399  Recent Advances in Intelligent Technologies and Information Systems  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
10 9781466664852 Human Factors in Software Development and Design Direct link | Via Ezproxy
11 9781466672581 Handbook of Research on Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Algorithms Direct link | Via Ezproxy
12 9781466673878 Handbook of Research on Advancements in Robotics and Mechatronics Direct link | Via Ezproxy
13 9781466681309 Contemporary Ethical Issues in Engineering Direct link | Via Ezproxy
14 9781466665057 Technology and Practice in Geotechnical Engineering Direct link | Via Ezproxy
15 9781466647770 Risk Analysis for Prevention of Hazardous Situations in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Direct link | Via Ezproxy
16 9781466642256 Engineering Creative Design in Robotics and Mechatronics Direct link | Via Ezproxy
17 9781466682542 Innovative Materials and Systems for Energy Harvesting Applications Direct link | Via Ezproxy
18 9781466682221 Promoting Sustainable Practices through Energy Engineering and Asset Management Direct link | Via Ezproxy
19 9781466651661 Green Technology Applications for Enterprise and Academic Innovation Direct link | Via Ezproxy
20 9781466619722 Green Technologies and Business Practices: An IT Approach Direct link | Via Ezproxy
21 9781466652026 Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization Direct link | Via Ezproxy
22 9781522556206  Diverse Methods in Customer Relationship Marketing and Management Direct link | Via Ezproxy
23 9781522555117  Cyber-Physical Systems for Next-Generation Networks  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
24 9781522552444  Augmented Reality for Enhanced Learning Environments  Direct linkVia Ezproxy 
25 9781522559733  Handbook of Research on Cloud and Fog Computing Infrastructures for Data Science  Direct linkVia Ezproxy
26 9781522560005  New Approaches, Methods, and Tools in Urban E-Planning  Direct link Via Ezproxy
27 9781522542070  Learner Experience and Usability in Online Education Direct link Via Ezproxy
28 9781522557586  Handbook of Research on Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Development  Direct link Via Ezproxy
29 9781522559702  Innovative Methods, User-Friendly Tools, Coding, and Design Approaches in People-Oriented Programming  Direct linkVia Ezproxy
30 9781522559795  Innovations and Trends in Environmental and Agricultural Informatics  Direct linkVia Ezproxy
31 9781522534693  Analyzing the Impacts of Industry 4.0 in Modern Business Environments  Direct linkVia Ezproxy
32 9781522553854  Handbook of Research on Contemporary Perspectives on Web-Based Systems  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
33 9781522540458  Applications of Security, Mobile, Analytic, and Cloud (SMAC) Technologies for Effective Information Processing and Management  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
34 9781522539827  Vehicular Cloud Computing for Traffic Management and Systems  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
35 9781522541493  Disruptive Technologies for Business Development and Strategic Advantage  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
36 9781522547648  Handbook of Research on Information and Cyber Security in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Direct link | Via Ezproxy
37 9781522549970  Servant Leadership Styles and Strategic Decision Making  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
38 9781522550921  Optimization Techniques for Problem Solving in Uncertainty  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
39 9781522556749  Marketing Initiatives for Sustainable Educational Development  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
40 9781522550129  Emerging Trends, Techniques, and Tools for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Management  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
41 9781522553618  Enhancing Competitive Advantage With Dynamic Management and Engineering  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
42 9781522534723 Information Technology as a Facilitator of Social Processes in Project Management and Collaborative Work  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
43 9781522537779  Handbook of Research on Cross-Cultural Business Education  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
44 9781522539919  Promoting Global Environmental Sustainability and Cooperation  Direct linkVia Ezproxy
45 9781522541127  Computer-Mediated Learning for Workforce Development  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
46 9781522550860  Handbook of Research on Student-Centered Strategies in Online Adult Learning Environments  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
47 9781522552475 Intelligent Multidimensional Data and Image Processing  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
48 9781522553977  Handbook of Research on Investigations in Artificial Life Research and Development  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
49 9781522554646  Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Technology-Enhanced Language Learning  Direct link | Via Ezproxy
50 9781522556534 Social Media in Education: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice  Direct link | Via Ezproxy

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