UMP library towards realizing IR4.0 through MakerLab technology

UMP library towards realizing IR4.0 through MakerLab technology

The library has taken the initiative to hold a working visit to MakerLab UiTM. The aim is to establish a cooperation in terms of information sharing and reference in creating a MakerLab in the UMP Library.

The UMP delegation was led by the Chief Librarian, Encik Azman Abdul Rahim and accompanied by representatives of faculties and research centers (Ir. Dr. Noor Zaihah Jamal, Sr. Dr. Ngahzaifa Ab Ghani and Ts. Shahrulnaim Mohamad Nawi). The UMP delegation was welcomed by Dr. Siti Azma Jusoh as the Project Leader and MakerLab Coordinator at PTAR, Puncak Alam. She gave a detailed briefing on MakerLab and the need for careful planning in its implementation, taking into account the functions and scope of MakerLab itself.

According to Dr. Siti Azma, skills development for the younger generation must be there so that they can pioneer in various fields that are suitable. MakerLab UiTM provides opportunities for students to learn 3D design and the basics of programming.

Among the components or equipment of MakerLab are as follows:
i. 3D Printing Machine
ii. Set Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)
iii. Computers and software
iv. Graphics & photography
v. Appropriate furniture

The UMP delegation was also taken to visit the Tun Abdul Razak Library at the Puncak Alam Campus. Hopefully the partnership and exposure given by the MakerLab UiTM team will assist and open up views or opportunities to develop MakerLab services in the UMP Library for UMP citizens and the local community.

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Written by (original article):

En. Mohd Ariffin Abdul Aziz
Translated by:

Cik Ratna Wilis Haryati Mustapa,
Super Senior Library Assistant

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