Comprehensive access to eBook purchased by the Library.
Access to Science Direct eBooks collections ( 286 titles )
Access to Schaum.s Outline e-books (187 titles )
Access to IGI Global e-books (54 titles)
Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research (60 titles )
Access to Taylor & Francis (13 titles)
Access to ELT Oxford (17 titles) on English Language Teaching. For username & password, please login to EzProxy)
Access to De Gruyter ebook. There are 38 titles has been purchased by UMP Library.
Ebscho ebook collection provides access to your library’s ebook with 2,042 titles. (Previously known as Netlibrary). Direct Link
Access to iG Publishing EBooks (59 titles)
Access to Scientific.Net ( 6 titles )
Wiley InterScience ( articles and Online Books and major reference works (84 titles)
Access to WSPCe-books ( 52 titles )

Access to 500 titles Cengage Learning ETextbook via Vital Source platform

Access to SpringerLink ebooks. There are 926 titles has been purchased by UMP Library.
Access to Cambridge University Press (115 titles )
Access to Handbook On The Chemistry of Rare Earth e-books (40 titles)
Access to SAE Mobilus (235 titles)
IOS Press eBook Collection ( 11 titles )
Proquest Ebook Central e-books (10 titles)
McGraw Hill e-books (34 titles)
Access to Language and Social Sciences e-books. There are (9 titles) has been purchased by UMP Library

Grin Verlag

Access to Grin Verlag eBook. There are (1 titles) has been purchased by UMP Library

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