Turnitin is a web-based software that can help academicians to check the similarity index of references used in preparing an assignment in UMP.

This tool can help user in terms of:
1. Preventing plagiarism in writing
2. Assist to improve writing techniques
3. Assist to promote critical thinking
4. Assist to facilitate the provision grade writing

This tool can be accessed online through

Guideline for Using TURNITIN Click here

Frequently Ask Questions for Instructor (Lecturer / Staff)

  • New Instructor must request an account from the Turnitin administrator. Please fill in this registration form ( )
  • The Instructor will then be registered using UMP official email only. Example: ...... @
  • Instructors who have registered but forgot their password only needs to reset the password.
  • The created Class ID with student enrollment is only allowed maximum for 2 weeks. If the submission process is finished earlier, Instructors need to expire the class by edit at class end date.
  • Instructors must provide Class ID and Class enrollment passwords to their students.
  • User is advised to save the document receipt that contains the submission id submitted in this system.
  • Submission ID/ paper ID is required for the deleting process in the Turnitin system.
  • Please fill in this registration form ( ) for delete/remove paper.
  • Provide or attach the Digital Receipt / Submission ID / Class ID / Paper ID of the paper.
  • Turnitin administrator will submit your request to the Turnitin Support Team to request the paper's removal

Frequently Ask Questions for Student

How to create account?
  • Students are allowed to register using 1 commercial email once. Students may reset the password if they have forgotten it.