Welcome to the Universiti Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah Libraries!

We are delighted to serve our library users, especially the UMP community, namely students, lecturers and researchers. We aim to provide world-class library resources that meet the needs of our users and provide them with access to digital contents such as e-books and e-journals through this UMPSA library portal.

Despite the digital resources, we do provide ample space and facilities that are conducive for users to study, to do research, to read and collaborate. We also provide space for recreational activities and café for you to energize yourself or to enjoy some relaxation in the libraries. Our libraries include the Gambang Campus library and the Pekan Campus library in Pahang, Malaysia.

These resources and spaces are managed by the library staff who are friendly and knowledgeable to deliver the information services to support teaching, learning and research activities. The library staff are committed to assist and collaborate with various faculties, departments and library users to meet their objectives.

In short, our staff who are experts in the dissemination of information and knowledge, promise to deliver friendly services to you and we also promise to increase the accessibility of our digital content.

Please do explore the library portal to discover an array of resources, tools and services which may support you in your study and research.

We are looking forward to serving and working with our UMPSA community like you!

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