• Library catalogue - UMP Library Catalogue or known as iPortal is an online public access catalog for UMP Library . It consists information on all materials available at the Library.
  • E-Resources (Ez-Proxy)- The e-Resource UMP library provides a comprehensive access to full-text e-journals available. The portal allows you to search for online databases, e-journals, e-Books, by title or by subject. The e-Resource provides both on-campus and off-campus access to the Library's electronic Resource.
  • UMP Institutional Repository (UMP IR)- UMP Institutional Repository (UMPIR) is established by UMP Library to collect, capture, store, index, preserve and disseminate university’s scholars publications in digital form. It is a knowledge-sharing/resource database of thesis and project papers by post-graduate students or undergraduate, students, conference papers and journal articles.
  • Inter Library Loan - Inter-library loan system specifically cater for inter-library loan (ILL) services. ILL is a service which helps eligible patrons obtain materials that are unavailable in the library.
  • Inter Branch Loan - For the convenience of users in both branches, UMP Library offers two (2) internal services, namely Inter-Circulation Loan (PASIR) and Inter-Reference Loan (PARU).
  • Loan Eligibility - Loan Eligibility is total amount of item that users eligible to borrowed and and it varies according to the type of user of the library.
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