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Your electronic resource platform for online UMPSA Exam Paper. UMPSA staff and students can view the selected previous UMPSA's examination paper by using the search form below.

Note: The Library only provides access to questions of past years exam papers submitted by the faculty. For the answer keys, consult your respective lecturers.
Did you know, the Library has past question papers online? All question papers starting from Semester 1 Session 2004/2005 have been digitized to make it easier for users to access again. This question paper can be displayed and downloaded.

Easy way to access, please follow these steps:

a. Please visit Ezproxy - https://ezproxy.ump.edu.my
b. Login to Ez-Proxy (username: <XXX> and password: <XXX>)
c. Select E-Exam: Click on E-Exam
d. How to make a search
  • Select Faculty on the menu
  • Select a subject (a list of subjects will be displayed)
  • Select a semester
  • Click search

Hope it helps.