User Education Programme aims to expose users to enhance their literacy skills.
The User Education Program aims to expose and improve consumer literacy skills on how to use the collection of references, services and facilities provided by the library. Users involved in this program are students and staff of UMP. Users can follow the module according to the training schedule provided or request for a user education class to the librarian in the Education and Research Section.

Class Category:
1. On Demand Class Application
  • Lecturers / faculty can apply for user education class sessions for students based on the modules provided by the library.
  • Minimum student capacity 5 people and maximum 50 people
  • Class applications can be made via memo, email or contact the Librarian, Education & Research Section, UMP Library.
2. Scheduled Classes
i. Supplier Class
ii. Information Literacy Class
iii. Research Support Class
  • Class schedule is provided by the Library (please refer to the schedule in the Library Portal / UMP E-Community)
  • Class registration please refer to the registration link provided
  • Minimum student capacity 5 people and maximum 50 people. The library will cancel the class if participation is low and participants will be notified via email or phone.
Module 1:
First Year Seminar (FYS)
1. Library Introduction
2. Library Catalogue (WEBOPAC) E-FIND
3. Information Literacy Skills
4. MyLibrary Skills (ExploraceLib)
1.New students
2.New staff
3.Undergraduate (degree/diploma) semester 1-3
1 - 2 hour
Module 2:
Final Year Project (FYP)
1. Information Search Strategy : Basics
2. Citation Styles : APA6th
3. Mendeley : Basics
4. Turnitin
1.Undergraduate (degree/diploma)
semester 4-6
1 - 2 hour
Module 3:
Postgraduate Student & Academic Staff (PSAS)
1. Information Search Strategy
2. Citation Styles : APA6th
3. Mendeley
4. Turnitin
2.Academic staff
1 - 2 hour
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