Management Division
Administration division is responsible for the administrative aspect of the library. This includes the administration of the office, staff, finances, store control, building and vehicle maintenance among others. It also handles all the human resources and human development administration.  

This division also plays a role in providing efficient services and assistance. We aim to further enhance the effectiveness of administration and management, the planning of human resources and finance. All these will be implemented in a transparent, fast, accurate and orderly manner in accordance with financial rules and policies, in line with national standards and customer charters.
 1 En. Azman Abdul Rahim                       Chief Librarian 09-431 6293
 2 Pn. Nor Ashikin Ahmad  Librarian 09-431 6318
 3 Pn. Faizatul Nadia Amran  Secretary 09-431 6323
4 En. Mohd Amirul Mohd Amin Senior Library Assistant 09-431 6336
 5 Pn. Farhana Zainuddin  Admin Assistant (operation) 09-431 6286
 6 En. Mohd Irwanshah Abd Talib  Admin Assistant (general) 09-431 6324